Reasons to choose wordpress for your web development company

There can be many questions that ask for choosing wordpress for website devlopment. Why wordpress choose as the best for website development? What benefits hits in wordpress more than that of other platforms? This article shares you a clear cut answer for all of your questions regarding wordpress. The best part about wordpress is that it is a blogging platform, powerful website builder and robust Content Management System(CMS). Due to the robust feature of wordpress, it is more flexible enough to make any types of websites. Wordpress made a choice to build websites for ecommerce business people. With the free open-source features, many million users access wordpress, which helps to organize and display the content on your site.

Lets go on with the reason behind you should use wordpress in business:

Wordpress is free of use, easy to learn and update

As wordpress is an open-source free platform, anyone has the right to download it and start building websites. You dont need to pay for web hosting, all you need is to install wordpress setup and use on your server. Wordpress updation can also be simple when you are using wordpress for the backend. When you log in to the wordpress backend, you have an option to edit and soon can make updation. It can easily customize for our own specific needs. Since wordpress build with any number of plugins can implement additional functionality to the website.

Themes and Plugins

Most of the people want to build a website that looks stand out or unique from other business competitors. Wordpress build with entirely customizable options with various themes and plugins according to our choice. If you want to give a unique design to your website, theme utilization made in the best possible way. So, select the right theme and plugin for website development.

The abundance of wordpress developer

Wordpress is the popular content management system that can customize the way you needed. When you were expanding a wordpress development company, choosing any reliable wordpress developer get benefits off. Experienced wordpress developer would help you to get the website as you have expected.

Wordpress security

Wordpress is a secured and safe CMS platform for building online websites. One of the main things to be noted when building a website in wordpress is about its security. To ensure security, one should update their wordpress website regularly and it helps to keep free from hackers.

Wordpress SEO friendly

When you build a website that is search engine friendly, helps to rank fastly and makes the maximum number of leads to the business. Wordpress is a platform which allows Google and other search engines to rank. For optimizing your wordpress website with SEO, many plugins are available that is SEO friendly. Yoast SEO plugin takes great advantage for this platform. There are also many plugins available to increase the user-friendliness to a wordpress website.

Highly adaptable for changing needs

As we already know the idea behind the WordPress was initially laid down as a blogging and other online related platform. It also powers wide range of other platforms serving different other purposes. It is highly adaptable for complex websites of large multinational companies. These websites may contain full service e-commerce stores, showcase portfolios etc. Therefor whatever may be the company’s requirements, the core WordPress package with lots of necessary plugins both basic and premium plugins which are suitable for the site.

Best suitable for beginners

The website can be set up and run within a fraction of minutes for the beginners who don’t have any technical knowledge. The only requirement is a domain name and a web hosting account. There are two methods for installing a WordPress, one through WordPress hosting provider and secondly through publishing plaform and CMS.

Provide the best eCommerce solutions

When you choose your business for a complete online solution for any selling needs, wordpress is the best suit for your business. There have many ecommerce plugins that support wordpress to start their stores.

Have you ever get confused with the wordpress development and custom web design? When you are planning to lauch a new website, always get confused with the design i.e.; whether you go with custom web design or use build-in plaform like wordpress. Custom design done when specific modifications needed for a website with unique functionalities. To develop a website with custom web design, the company should hire the best web developer and designer who are professionals to build a custom build website. When comparison made with wordpress, development in custom web design makes difficulties.

Wordpress is a secure plaform for building any websites. The development of wordpress is increasing over the years. First, wordpress started as a building tool for creating blogs. Now, wordpress has become a more complex platform for building platforms. So, when developing in wordpress, you dont need to hire a professional expert just a web developer with basic knowledge can do the process. Therefore, Millions of websites are developed in wordpress plaform and making more leads and sales. Wordpress completes its development within a short period while comparing it with custom web design. The main reason behind the time consuming is that wordpress build with content management tools and many readymade plugins and themes also available.

Make everything you need, but build in the right plaform

Everyone is waiting to get a responsive web design, mobile and desktop-friendly web design. So, choose the right plaform and build everything according to future needs. Yes! Wordpress gets truly configured for your business needs. When we publish a website, speed takes a factor. Speed is the most crucial thing to run a website, and thus matter to abandon your site. Hacking makes the website unhealthy and result won't come upto your expectations. Wordpress using a secured CMS plaform and protect from any vulnerabilities. The proper discoverability and usage, a website can attract new visitors with strong design and development. Wordpress takes full control in updation, editing, navigation, without having any proper knowledge.

Consider the following things before starting a wordpress web design business

When you looking to start your own business, you usually take advice from other web design companies. The following are things that need to consider as:

  • Make your business and accounting setup as a user-friendly accounting tools
  • Choose your framework which helps to reduce your work time and overall development process
  • To make secure, always keep a backup system of your entire wordpress website
  • Selecting the best hosting plan make your web design business
  • Are you looking forward to start a web design business? Then the question goes on to you “why you want to do so?” Starting any business takes a lot of time and work, but taking in the correct process by setting proper goals and objective helps to boost business activities. Finding your niche that are less taken by other business organizations. When you establish your brand, some things noted to keep the business name as same as possible. The perfectly designed logo keeps the brand identity which should place correctly. The next important step to be considered is that, when you have the company name and logo design, register your domain name.

    What are the need to have the best business web design? There can be many reasons when you look forward to creating a business website. The first impression is the best impression! So, while creating an impressive website, many business people attract and try to know more about it. When the website not created in the digital world, things will change and negatively impact business performance. Some things need to consider while creating a web design like:

  • A well-designed logo
  • Font size should be same in pages
  • The design should be easy to navigate and user-friendly
  • When choosing a color, it should represent the brand
  • Every design part of your website should be designed with some intention mind of your customers and leads more business. With great design, it can also improve the performance of search engines. When poorly designed, the website takes a lot of time to load and affect negatively.When you are choosing a business website design, some principles have to follow like branding element, eye-catching visual element, easy to navigate website design and more. The branding element indicates the logo to describe your business type and it placed on your home page. A good description provides the identity of your business brand. Within a short description, users will be able to understand what you are about to. More than of description and branding element, users get attracted to visual elements. When you use a good quality image, it shows a positive reflection on your essential products and services. Here list you must have sections included in your website.

  • About page
  • Service page
  • Contact page
  • Blog page
  • Portfolio
  • The success of every business purely depends on how a web designer designs your website. So, clean usability determines the success of a business. Since, a website designed with clean design, the number of customers will approach before entering to the design and development process. When designed, the performance in google will also be improved and the effectiveness of the website too. Everyone should strictly follow the design principle to take your website into a wide range of professionals. We also need a clear image of how to design a website, for this follow some basic principles:

    Better Communication

    Don’t skip anyways for getting connected with your clients, the search your websites for getting information and needs. So your website should be capable of attracting their attention with various methods. If you use attractive headings and topics, new updates, visual images and videos, people will stick on your website and make them communicate with your chatbot. Contact them voluntarily so they will believe that you are a trusted firm who will help to meet their needs.

    Mobile friendly and Compatability

    Your website should be more mobile-friendly because nowadays usage of smartphones, tablet etc. are increasing and people are merely searching through these devices. So your website should be more convenient on your mobile screen then the only user goes through your website. In this growing competition world, you should be more cunning in every aspect to succeed in business. User experience is a critical thing so you can’t avoid that. The user-friendly website can generate more customers with more leads.When a website design and develop, make sure it supports any devices like smartphones, tablets. When the design is not compatible with the desktop but not on mobile, it loses many visitors coming to the website. So, if you want to keep more customers, you need to create a mobile-friendly website.


    When website design, more the number of users will be improved. The over-designed website may not work correctly and leads to the drawbacks of seo strategies. The main purpose of designing a website to do business leads effectively. The simple design can help the visitors to reach, easy to navigate and easy to use.

    Readability and Legibility in web typography

    In web typography, both readability and legibility are two essential concepts. Readability is the concept of the ways users process the website content. Some things need to considered while fixing the readability issues like proper usage of fonts, font size matters, background color and more. The users always benefit from reading the text at a lower level without distracting the readers.

    Easy loading and navigation

    The easy loading website is always much preferred to use by anyone without having any hesitation. So while optimizing the website, one should take care of the image size, JavaScripts and CSS loading. Users prefer to use the website again only when having easy navigation and high loading speed. Website navigation is the flow that considered moving from one page into another and avoid too many click inside the website. Web navigation depends mainly on three factors like structure, design and minimalism.

    Grid-based layouts

    Placing your contents in a grid-based layout makes the website look and feel as good as possible. Grid-based designs help to arrange the contents into different sections, columns and boxes. When content placed in grid-based layout, it helps to make the content more flexible and organized. So, it helps your visitors to view your content more comfortable and helps to maintain consistency in website design.

    Colour and image

    Having a perfect colour combination can improve the numbers of users and decrease the number of distractors. So with the bright and colour palette can bring a good impact for the visitors. Removing more amount of whitespace can reflect in the flow of website design. When the website added with much-overcrowded content, then the website looks very busy. Some tips to follow when using colours like; avoid bright colours, make the right colour combinations, highlight the information wherever is needed.

    Have any idea about to hire a wordpress developer?

    As we told, wordpress has taken its record for considering the fastest and easiest tool for creating websites. Having a developer for development can build you anything you want it. A good developer will able to complete the task with the functions and functionalities with those in your mind. There can be many advantages of having a wordpress development for the appropriate platform. When hiring a wordpress developer, it saves a lot of time, custom functionality and theme options, works for the maintenance and security, performance.

    What are the advantages of hiring a wordpress developer? 100% of customization options can be include. When you hire a dedicated wordpress developer, it is quite simple to make all customization option needed for a website. When a plugin used, you can customize your website according to your wish. A quality developer can develop a good quality website within a short span. So, hiring a good developer eventually do a good business in return.

    Easy to manage

    There are many CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla, but wordpress find much more comfortable than other platforms. Wordpress offers various functionalities to a website and thus, it provides an easy to use responsive interface services. And the easy to manage feature created as the best choice for any wordpress developers.

    Seo friendly

    Wordpress mostly chooses for its development and its seo friendly nature. When you keep seo friendly urls on the website, it helps to explain the contents of the page and make both humans and search engines readable. The seo friendly urls, in turn help to rank search engines. And if you want to run your business to be rich with social media, wordpress is the best choice out of it. There exist various social media platforms like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter which is highly compatible with all the features of wordpress.

    Choice of wordpress plugins

    Wordpress provides a various choice of plugins both free and premium versions. The use of the plugin makes the development easy and quick. The availability of plugin can satisfy the needs of many purposes of a website. So, wordpress is the best choice or the plaform for developing any website. Many wordpress plugins are beginners-friendly and flexible.

    Customization option

    As wordpress provided with various customization options, a developer can easily modify the look and feel of a website. Since wordpress has many free themes available, users can download and utilize the theme with free of cost. With the customization option, anyone can customize your theme.


    For every wordpress development, the developer should know about the optimization techniques along with the knowledge of programming. With the proper search engine optimization technique, a website helps to rank better and increase sales and leads. Therefore, it's far better to hire a wordpress developer with the proper knowledge of both programming and SEO.

    Not yet thought about the critical issues to be considered while choosing wordpress for enterprise website development? There can be many reasons in which wordpress performance best platform to build the enterprise level website.

    Easy to learn wordpress skill

    According to today's statistics, over 60% million websites of the web uses wordpress to develop websites. While comparing to other platforms, wordpress is easy to handle and adapt. With those features, it improves the learning of programming language and the wordpress customization development. Therefore, it will be easy to learn and find for developers with minimal cost. For an enterprise firm, few resources are needed to maintain the website. When wordpress is chosen, it grows and expands more along with your business development.

    Marketing solutions

    Many marketing departments use wordpress as the platform to manage entire advertising campaigns and manage lead generations. Wordpress embedded with many plugin libraries and offers various SEO tools for their development. Tools help for both marketing and AdWords integration. To become a successful company with marketing solutions are:

  • Make a detailed study of your customers
  • Identify your audience
  • Understand and measure your success
  • Future of digital publishing task

    Many professional companies like CNN and Time Magazine uses wordpress for digital publishing task. With many features and functionalities of wordpress, digital publishing tasks powering it to a great extend.

    Things need to be considered when hiring a web development company.

    The Year of experience

    The first and foremost thing need to be considered before choosing a web development company is the year of experience they have completed during the business services. Their experience in website development and design. Make sure about the task they have completed and the platforms they are focusing like wordpress, Laravel, Joomla and more. The next important thing to be considered is about the client reviews they got from various other web development companies.

    How much accessible?

    When you approach a web development agency, check whether all the services provided theme is accessible or not. Make sure how all can the company is available to deliver complete solutions via email and telephone. You have to check how the company communicates with its clients. If you get a good review after enquiring about the accessibility to other clients. Then Yes! You are on the right web development agency for your business.


    The next important thing to be noted is about the all-in-one package they offer for the complete web development solutions. And it also ensures about providing all the SEO services that a web development firm meets to attain traffic and hence leads to sales generations.

    Response time

    Always make sure about the response time that taken to complete a web development project within a short period. Always opt for a company with less package and the fastest response to all your queries with full commitment towards your project. To know all that about your selected company, one should enquire about the working process of the company. One of the important factors to be held is about time and cost. If these two satisfy all of your business goals, then you are fit in all aspects.

    Is your company respected in the industry?

    Success is doesn't mean accepting the business approval but the dedication to the completion of the project during the website launch. While hiring a web design company, please make ensure the reviews on the clutch, good firms. Also check how other web development company ranks among various other industry with its service, work and craftsmanship.

    Communication channel

    Always try to keep a frank communication channel between your clients. In different ways, the company is available for communication and it is essential to check all those agencies follows. And check whether a dedicated project manager is available for updating all the development process. So, proper communication between two agencies can lead to successful business flow.

    Before going through all the supports and offers, check wheather the company having a strong customer support while working with them. Having a miscommunication between two parties, higher the chance of providing rooms of errors and mistakes. Design and development is a normal process for website development and it takes time. But choose the best web development company that offers excellent customer services with a professional approach. The communication channel must be reliable for better customer services. If you dont know the work process, definitely there should be a support.

    Let's look at the must-have themes and plugin used in wordpress for perfect business sites. With the popularity of wordpress as a content management system, long progress has made in the development field with the availability of different themes. There are many themes available for the wordpress development that can be paid and free. The cost is a matter to be considered. Some features need to be considered while choosing a particular theme.


    When a theme is to be considered, there also you get both free and premium versions themes. If any web development company opts for a simple design, then definitely ask to take free themes that built with many functionalities. There can be a huge difference when comparing both free and premium versions like unlimited options for customization, updation, sales supports.


    Before considering the cost of the theme, check for the responsiveness that the theme provides. Also, make sure about the responsiveness that is compatible with mobile devices or any other devices. Some website helps to measure the responsiveness of the theme used.

    Plugin compatibility

    The plugins or extensions that add extra new features to the themes via reflect wordpress website. When a proper plugin used for a theme, then customization options can be done easily with specific needs. Before selecting a plugin, always make sure to select wordpress theme and that is more to avoid plugin compatibility issues.


    Security is the main issue that took place in every development phase. This should be taken care before choosing wordpress themes. To ensure more security, users should search for the theme reviews. Some themes will show some bad security features or vulnerabilities to the website and thus, it is guaranteed. Also, make sure whether the website is search-engine friendly for the success of website development. Also look for the SEO- friendly features like fast loading speed, support for SEO plugins, HTML tags.

    Social media integrationy

    Social media integration is a method for increasing page views and sharing status. Everyone makes uses of the internet and hence having an active social media presence drive more valuable traffic. So, choose a theme that produces features for social media integrations.

    Consistent updates

    Wordpress themes require regular maintenance and support to function properly. If you choose any particular wordpress theme, there is a chance of getting any issue even if the theme updated. So, consistent theme updation is an important thing to be considered and it helps to protect and strengthen your site. With the proper updation, bug fixes, security issues will be fixed with the latest features. The best example theme that updated regularly is wordpress divi.

    Support theme translation

    Wordpress themes require regular maintenance and support to function properly. If you choose any particular wordpress theme, there is a chance of getting any issue even if the theme updated. So, consistent theme updation is an important thing to be considered and it helps to protect and strengthen your site. With the proper updation, bug fixes, security issues will be fixed with the latest features. The best example theme that updated regularly is wordpress divi.

    Every wordpress development company aims to grow business without spending tons of cash on their website. With the implementation and usage of a good plugin helps to power up your online business success. Wordpress plugins can be designed as simple as possible by various developers or as complicated as you need them to be developed. Plugins are software that significantly adds extra functionality to the website without entering to the wordpress core. There can be thousands of wordpress plugins that can be available in both free and premium versions. So, here list you out some of the free plugins and the features enriched in them. The list you some of the must-have wordoress plugin for your needs:

    WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is a caching plugin and a wordpress speed optimization plugin to speed up your website. The plugin designed with minimal configuration but fast result-driven. It considers as the best option among wordpress developers because of its worthy features like lazy loading, user-friendly optimization, integration with CDNs, minify HTML/JS, database optimization, static file compression. Why everyone prefer to use this plugin? Yes! wordpress developers use the plugin to maximize the website performance with the minimum effort and user- experience. The most important aspect of the plugin is it is free of cost.

    Social snap

    Everyone knows the demand for social networks that brings a lot of traffic to the website itself, and thus it turns to business. So, it is important to share content on various social sharing websites. Wordpress brings out a strong social media plugin. Social snap is yet another plugin used for social sharing and it is fits for bloggers, small and large businesses. This plugin can choose about 30 social networks. The main highlight of this plugin is the ability to choose the content that has shared on social networks. The plugin includes many features like easy to use, fast loading, boost old posts.


    Wordpress brings yet another plugin for redirection management. Proper url managing will bring website traffic and sales. So, with the use of this redirection plugin helps to handle all the urls manually. The use of the redirection plugin will explain to you with a simple example. When you have already published a blog post and after sometime, you tend to change the url to There, we go for plugins to redirect to the new url format. The main usage is to manage all the 301 redirects that affected in your wordpress website.


    UpdraftPlus is the most trusted backup plugin where you get the whole website back up and kept it safe in the cloud. There can web hosters who offers backup as a service, but keeping yourself a backup is 100% secure and rely upon. Its pricing is all about free solutions for any business. It varies many backup features like :

  • Easily helps to backup all your database and files within your website
  • Easy user interface
  • Set schedules
  • With a single click of a button, your website gets restored
  • It can send all your backup files to cloud platforms via FTP or email
  • So, make your wordpress website safe and secure with the updraftPlus plugin and it has trust over many million wordpress website owners. It contains a much wide range of remote storage options like Dropbox, google drive, amazon web services, Rackspace, and more.

    All-in-one SEO plugin

    As the name indicates, the plugin has all in one seo pack, which helps to optimize your website for search engines that is it is a robust tool. When it comes to wordpress, seo takes a role to desired and the all-in-one, so plugins give you all the features as you wish to get. When you are new to the seo and wordpress, it is easy to use for the beginners. It enriched with many features like google analytics support, XML sitemap support, redirect attachments, automatically generates meta tags, and more than all improves your seo functionalities.

    WooCommerce plugin

    Woocommerce is the most popular, flexible, and dominant ecommerce plugin build on wordpress, which used by millions of websites. It adds more extra functionalities to the ecommerce stores. With the increase in the demand of woocommerce, it gradually raised its woocommerce hosting, temes and woocommerce plugins too. Woocommerce has its endless customization options when it adds to an ecommerce store. According to statistics, the demand for woocommerce increased and its to about four million users use the plugin n their websites. The benefits of woocommerce, users can sell both digital goods and physical goods across the globe from online marketplaces. There are also many woocommerce wordpress plugins like WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration, WooCommerce Product Slider, WooCommerce Direct Checkout, WooCommerce Currency Switcher, WooCommerce Customizer.

    Autoptimize plugin

    Autoptimize is yet another wordpress plugin that gives a caching speed solution for your website. With the use of this plugin, your website can speed up performance and in turns it helps to boost seo perfomance and drive more traffic and conversions. The plugins has many features like automatic optimization, minimize condenses from your site, plugins helps to combine many separte files into one, optimize css, html and javascript codes too. The analysis of this pugin can be achieved by finding the number of reduction request made to the server, page and file size. WHen you optimize HTML code with your autoptimze plugin on your site, it will remove all the white space in between the html code and likewise reduce the file spcae too.

    WPForms plugin

    You can see on every website there will be a contact form for the visitors to easy to connect with the owners. And the developer considers this plugin has the most user-friendly plugin for the wordpress. The plugin has a feature of drag and drops form builder, which helps to create and manage contact forms, emails, online forms, payment forms and more. WPForms plugin integrated with many popular marketing platforms, too that helps to increase lead generations. Within this plugin, a developer can easily create a custom user registration form in wordpress and a login form too. According to statics, WPForms has helped many websites to create contact forms easily.

    Google XML sitemap

    Google XML sitemap is another wordpress SEO plugin to help various search engines to rank your website with an easy navigation XML sitemap. Different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. When you get installed this plugin within your wordpress site, it will automatically generate an XML sitemap for easy to get indexed. THe plugin list out the complete details of a website and search engine bots helps to retrieve all those structured results efficiently. The plugins build with many useful features like :

  • Multisite compatible
  • Available in various languages
  • User interface
  • Better SEO score
  • Sucuri

    Security is one of the things which we can control from our side. By using the proper plugin is the next common thing to be considered. Sucuri is a must-have plugin for keeping your wordpress website more secure. Many users use the plugin by understanding the functionality of the plugin. The plugin also used for the content delivery network to reduce the maximum server loads coming to the site and thus, it improves page load times. The main task accomplished by the plugin is to protect your website from hackers, malware attacks and work upon it. It helps to keep your site clean, fast and protected.

    Do you know the reason behind to build your website in wordpress rather than HTML? Here I will discuss all the details regarding within it. Every building a website mostly 50% of the people looking to reduce the cost of development. Thats right! And it is said that wordpress keep its standard for its future proof. Wordpress website will deliver a high quality, relevant website in the future as well. Wordpress can offer a handful of reasons to maintain the best web development company. So, its always said that once you utilized all the features of wordpress, you never go to choose HTML for website development.

  • As I told before, every business owners always look forward to reducing the cost of development. When a website developed in wordpress, it saves tons of money. Usually, a web designer who designs a custom HTML website cost around $25,000 and also extra payment will be there for the entire marketing budget. And that is the only reason every owner chooses to design and develop a website in wordpress rather than an HTML website.
  • When looking forward to knowing more on wordpress, there you understand that it helps to build any website as per your choice. Yes! wordpress started its journey as a blogging platform and business website, social sharing networks and blindly now able to build any kinds of sites with wordpress. When considering some of the popular websites like Sony Music are also powered by wordpress.
  • The ways to drive business growth with wordpress development company

    To drive more growth in business is by hiring an experienced and professional wordpress development company. When choosing a right skill set of experience would complete the development projects successfully. They having various features and helps to build the website. While having a well-planned strategy and organized structure, contribute for building the website. Always try to look forward about the quality support to their clients.

  • Having a blogging platform
  • As we know wordpress started its journey as a blogging plaform and continued for website development. In the same way of website development, wordpress grow their business having a blog platform. Blogs helps the search engine to optimize wisely too. WIthin the result page, users will be easy to find out the your business website. While getting an update to the search engine, that helps to grow your business in a consistent manner.

  • Benefit of SEO plugins
  • Wordpress is a platform that solves all the seo problem accordingly. Wordpress build up with many plugins for its development and from that yoast SEO plugin is widely recommended for wordpress website. Yoast seo plugin is a tool that is benefical for both technical and non-technical business. There are many benefical advantages for it like analyze duplicate content in website, monitor business keywords, update periodically, easy to install.

  • Contact forms
  • Contact form is the neccessary section that must to be included in every website. In wordpress, contact form 7 is widely used plugin for any type business. contct form 7 includes the basic details required for the website like name, email address, phone number or any other type of information. Many people are likely to add give minimal details and analyze the result for better business solutions.

  • Analyze your website with various analytic tools
  • When you are running your business in a wordpress platform, it is easy to monitor your website with a host of tools like Google analytics. Install Google analytic plugin or insert code in your website, there you will be able to track the performance, site visitors navigation and all. To monitor your website analytics, there is no need of development skills for the users.

    Have you ever thought of adding a classified section to your wordpress website? Yes! having a classified section on the website automatically adds a huge potential to attain traffic. A classified web portal development agency can bring an easily customized option for your business website. The classified ads business model is worked with many people who are in need to buy and sell products. So, having a perfect wordpress classified ads themes can bring an online business as like your passion.